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Active contracts

We have a variety of active contracts throughout our organization. Click to learn more.

Subcontractor pre-qualification

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Subcontractors will not receive a notice to proceed until Bay West has approved the subcontractor and a subcontract document is in place. The information provided on this form will be reviewed as part of subcontractor pre-qualification purposes. Please provide the requested information as complete as possible to facilitate our review and evaluation. The information that you provide will be considered confidential and will be handled accordingly.

Master service agreement

What is a master service agreement?

The MSA covers all environmental services offered by Bay West, from consulting to waste management to industrial cleaning and emergency response.

It provides a common understanding of the terms and conditions associated with Bay West working on your projects and ensures you that the proper contractual protocols are in-place for all projects and services.

Why do I need an MSA?

Having an MSA in-place gives you the ability to easily and quickly activate projects and services, including emergency situations, while also giving you access to all of the services Bay West provides should you ever need them.

Advantages of an MSA

  • Free! There is never a cost to put or keep an MSA in-place.
  • Simple and Quick. Once the Agreement is in-place, you never have to worry about delays in activating your projects with us,¬†including emergency situations.
  • Minimal Maintenance. The MSA remains in effect until either you or Bay West terminate it. We contact you on an annual basis (typically in October) to obtain any applicable updated contact information for our files.

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